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Get started on the Home Buying Journey


As your Experts at Home, it’s my mission to help you along the home buying journey. Buying a home requires research and a plan of action. Here are ten steps to purchasing your home with me, your RealtySouth Realtor®:

Determine how much you can afford.
There is a lot to consider when buying a home. Take a look at your finances, including your credit score. To help you get a sense of what your monthly house payment would look like, check out the mortgage payment calculator!

Approval power sets you apart.
Getting an approval from a mortgage lender is a powerful tool that helps to sweeten a buyer’s offer on a home. This is one very important step that can sometimes make or break a deal on a home offer. I can help you, and our partner company Prosperity Home Mortgage can too.

Determine what you need.
To help skinny-down your property search, it’s great to come up with the top features that your new home must have to suit your needs. Are you a first home buyer? Perhaps you want a two bedroom, two bath home. Is your family growing? A larger home that is closer to the best school systems, is likely in order. Are you downsizing? Maybe a cottage or condo with walkability is the best way to go. Outdoor living. Access to amenities. Refine your list and let’s get to work together.

Let’s explore the possibilities!
As your personal guide, and with a close finger on the pulse of the market, count on me to find you a home that fits your needs. In fact, be ready, there could be several choices to choose from. Curious now? Take a look at the listings around us. Remember, we can tour homes in person or virtually.

Making an offer on your dream home.
Once you have found your next home, let’s have another conversation with the lender to discuss closing costs and a closing date. Together we will negotiate the best terms and arrive with a solid offer and have it submitted to the seller.

Offer accepted.
When your offer to purchase the home has been accepted by the seller, we will submit the contract and earnest money. Your lender loan officer will require a copy of the contract as well. The loan officer will begin the appraisal and title process. Next, we will look a little deeper. Buyer due diligence is important.

Inspecting the home.
As your Realtor® you can bet that I am on your side to help negotiate the best deal for you. Home inspections are very important as they help determine what shape the house is in at that time. Some key items to be on the lookout are wood infestation, the condition of the roof, pool, foundation and many other important aspects of a home. Identify your areas of concern, and together we will submit your repair requests.

Gather the reports.
Meanwhile, let’s find out the other important aspects of the home. A Title commitment is important now as it is their promise to issue a title insurance policy for the property after closing. Some neighborhoods have Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s) are a set of rules governing the use of a property and it’s surroundings – you need to know these rules and boundaries. Also, if there are Home Owner Association (HOA’s) that exist, you need to have these disclosed. I am here to help gather these important reports and to help guide you through them.

Conduct a final walk-through.
Before settlement is made, we will perform a final walk-through of the home. This is your opportunity to love over everything and ensure the property is in the condition in which you agreed to buy. Check that repairs have been made, if any, and that nothing has drastically changed since you last saw the home. We are now closer to closing on your new home.

Close the sale.
This is one of the most important steps – closing on your new home! You will sign all of the required paperwork and loan documents to complete your purchase. We all work together. You will be guided by me, the loan officer, the closing attorney and others to help your home buying transaction. These steps can be done in person or completely remote – it is your choice. Upon completion you will receive the keys to your new home!

Take care of utilities and bill transfers.
There are a few loose ends that you need to be sure to take care of as you move into your new home. Notify your phone company, utilities such as power water and sewer, notify your local post office and change your mailing address. A Home Warranty is always recommended especially with a new home, let me know how I can assist you with this important coverage.

Head home and move it!
As your Realtor® please know that I am always here for you during this important transition to your new home, now and in the future, please call on me!